Public Outreach:
*        Public relations-helping you find your brand and giving it voice
*        Crisis communications-saving your hard-earned reputation from negative media coverage
*        Media training-making sure your team tells your story with clarity
*        Media relations-making your story stand out to news decision makers
*        Multicultural engagement-smart approaches to new, diverse, and more profitable markets
*        Social media strategy-finding the right platform to create "buzz" about your brand

*        High quality video production to show what's unique and valuable about your business
*        Award winning producer/director and video graphic talent
*        Training/industrial videos for internal or B2B customers
*        Gray's voice over and on camera narration available

*        Events-the right staging for maximum media exposure
*        Advertising/creative services-making your customers find you
*        Media management-finding and buying the right platforms
*        Community engagement-helping the human side of your business connect

 *        Respect at all times for the customer, for associates and for subcontractors. No exceptions.
*        We will make mistakes. When we do we will apologize. We will fix them. We will learn from them.
*        Deliver the exceptional. Go above and beyond the call of duty.
*        Do the right thing. Take a loss before you break a law. If it looks shady, avoid it.